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Avian Electronics | Fire & Cicadas (2021)

Fire & Cicadas was a sound installation for electronic sound and 10 loudspeakers in a forest. Mostly created with additive synthesis, the work featured electronic cicada choruses, forest fires, short signal sounds and wooden tones. Part of light art festival Reflektor Vantaa in 2021, the work was installed alongside red-eyed LED forest creatures eg. What's Now by Päivi Alajuntti.


…the spring before this sickness, there was a numerous company of flies […]; they came out of little holes in the ground, and did eat up the green things, and made such a constant yelling noise as made the woods ring of them, and ready to deafen the hearers…


-New England’s Memorial / William Bradford, 1633.

Fire & Cicadas | Excerpts
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Photo: Hannu Iso-Oja

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