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Ville Aalto

Sound artist & electronic musician based in Helsinki, Finland.


Works with synthesizers, creates artificial, electronic versions of natural sounds and presents them in the form of surround sound installations, electronic music recordings and live concerts.


Main body of work filed under Avian Electronics. Synthetic birds sing under voltage-controlled weather systems, artificial grasshoppers chirp in digital forests.


The world is moving forward at an unprecedented pace, our accelerating technological developments affect everything - how permanently are we changing the environment that surrounds us? What sorts of natural sounds will we hear 25 years from now? Avian Electronics is one way of listening to these questions, a universe of organic synthetic sounds, blips and beeps, chirps and tweets. What is real, what is natural, what is artificial?


My work has been generously supported by:

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Curriculum Vitae


   Master of arts, sound design - University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy, 2018

Installation / sound art / music / audio


    Ohjeet kaitanokkakuovin henkiin herättämiseksi / Media work

    Tampere Art Museum, Light and Energy - Dimensio 50 years exhibition, 2022.


    Avian Electronics | Time Runner / Sound installation

    Cultural Centre Stoa, Helsinki, 2022.

    Avian Electronics | Mustarastaat, Sähkölehto, Hälytystasot, Ainoa konekuikka

    Series of four sound installations. Lux Helsinki 2022.

    Scene I - The Beginning and the End / video + sound installation

    Katajanokka, Helsinki, 2021 / Media art space Pimento, Oulu, 2021

    Avian Electronics | Fire & Cicadas / sound installation

    Reflektor Vantaa, 2021.

    Signals in C# Minor / soundscape concert

    Vuosaarenhuippu, Helsinki 2021.

    Avian Electronics | Ohikulkijat / sound installation

    Culture Centre Stoa, Helsinki 2021.

    65,000,000 / audio piece for headphones and landscape

    Saaren kartano, Mynämäki 2021.

    Avian Electronics | Live / concert in surround sound

    Kiasma theatre, Helsinki 2020.

    Avian Electronics | Sähkölintujen laulu / sound installation

    Tampere Biennale 2.0, Tampere 2020.


    Avian Electronics | Muodonmuutos / sound installation

    Sound art gallery Akusmata, Helsinki 2020.


    Avian Electronics / album

    View and listen on Bandcamp

    Avian Electronics | Sähköisiä luontokuvia / audio work for radio

    Text by Ronja Louhivuori. Radiogalleria, YLE 2020.


    Avian Electronics | Keinotekoinen kevät / sound art exhibition

    Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki 2020.


    Avian Electronics | Live / concert

    Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki 2019.


    Puu / sound installation around an algorithmic tree

    Part of Wild Wild Wood exhibition by Science Centre Heureka & Botschaft von Finnland, Berlin, 2019.


    Alice in Underland / sound installation

    Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki 2017.


Performing arts / radio drama/ misc

    Maannos / sound design for contemporary circus

    Blind Gut Company. Näyttämö, Joensuu 2022.


    Min fantastiska väninnä / sound design for stage w/ Ilkka Tolonen

    Directed by Riikka Oksanen. Lilla Teatern / Helsinki City Theatre 2022.

    Jumala on kauneus / sound design for stage

    Written & directed by Kristian Smeds. Helsinki City Theatre 2022.

   Designing the End / sound design for contemporary dance

    Concept & choreography by Broas & Nyberg. Zodiak, Helsinki 2021.


    Ilmastokirkko: Riippuvainen (esitys G-duurissa) / sound design for stage

    Written by Ronja Louhivuori & Laura Halonen. Night of Science 2019.


    Suomenlinna 1918 / sound design for radio drama and binaural site-specific work

    Written by Elina Snicker, directed by Susanna Airaksinen. YLE 2018.


    Legenda pienestä luusta, osa IV - Rán / sound design for stage

    Written by Seppo Parkkinen, directed by Juha Malmivaara & Susanna Airaksinen.

    Third Space / Turku City Theatre 2018.


    Saunan takana / sound design for stage

    Written by Anu Heikkilä & Karlo Haapiainen, directed by Anu Heikkilä.

    Vinttiteatteri / Turku Ciry Theatre 2018-2019.


    Legenda pienestä luusta, osa III / sound design for stage

    Written by Seppo Parkkinen, directed by Juha Malmivaara & Susanna Airaksinen. Third Space 2017.


    VIRE / sound design for contemporary circus

    Directed by Meri-Maija Näykki, tightrope Maiju Saarimaa. Touring work, 2017.


    Siniverinen strategia / sound design for stage

    Written by Anu Heikkilä, Laura Hurme & Oona Airola, directed by Oona Airola. Vinttiteatteri 2017.


    Endhaltestellen / video installation

    Transit Zone Pavilion, Berlin 2017.


    folifoli_II. bubble / sound design for contemporary dance

    Choreography Caroline Kühner. Production Popticum, West Germany, Berlin 2016.


    Legenda pienestä luusta, osa II / sound design for stage

    Written by Seppo Parkkinen, directed by Juha Malmivaara & Susanna Airaksinen. Third Space 2016.


    Aava / sound design, writing and direction for radio drama

    YLE 2016.


    Siitä mihin jäimme / sound design for stage

    Written and directed by Anu Heikkilä & Laura Hurme. Vinttiteatteri 2016.


    Elämän mittainen työ / sound design for contemporary dance (w/ Johannes Brotherus)

    Choreography Hanna Brotherus. Theatre Academy / Finlandia-talo 2016.


    Ym pä ri / sound design for children’s immersive theatre work

    Directed by Jukka Heiskanen & Fabian Nyberg. Annantalo 2015.


    XXX Liberation Front / sound design for stage

    Directed by Jere Kolehmainen. Three Reasons Theatre 2014.

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